Types of Players
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What are your favorite play styles?

Do your favorites depend on whether it is in life's game or in video games?


Plays to best other players, regardless of the game

Two men playing basketball


Curious about the world, loves to go adventuring; seeks outside boundaries - physical or mental

A woman exploring a jungle


Acquires items, trophies, or knowledge; likes to create sets, organize history, etc.

A collection of butterflies


Plays for varying levels of achievement; ladders and levels incentivize the achiever

A man conquered a mountain


Doesn't take the game seriously - plays for the fun of playing; there’s a potential for jokers to annoy serious players, but on the other hand, jokers can make the game more social than competitive

A man playfully jumping in the air


Driven by creativity, creation, design

A woman painting some flowers


Loves to be in charge, direct the play

A manager instructing a worker


Loves to create or live in worlds of fantasy and imagination

A mother and girl reading a book


Loves to put on a show for others

A woman performing as a singer


Wants to build, craft, engineer, or puzzle things out

A man making crafts


Driven by sexual passion and desire

An elderly couple getting intimate


Loves to cooperate and collaborate

A large group of young people holding hands
Based on Game Design Workshop by Tracy Fullerton

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