NDEs & the Afterlife
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Near Death Experiences (NDEs)

These experiences can include:

•   seeing what appears to be your body from the outside (OBE)

•   seeing your life's memories flash before your eyes

•   a light at the end of a tunnel

This is another example of seemingly supernatural phenomena having a scientific explanation - in this case it could be the result of a dying brain.

Waking Up

It is possible you are a player that has an existence external to a simulation. In this case you aren't aware of your true identity, partly to make the simulation more immersive and realistic. When you die, some or all of your old memories might be restored.

e.g. playing the “Roy” game:

Or what if you had complete control over your experiences? Would you eventually choose to live a life like your present life? See Alan Watts' dream thought experiment.

Hell / The Second Death

In a simulation it is possible that you could be sent to hell. The traditional church view is that hell lasts forever though technically only a limited amount of time is possible in a simulation, such as the equivalent of a million years.

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